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AndroidChat AndroidChat

A location aware chat client (and server, but more on that later) for the Android Platform designed to compete in the Android Developers Challenge.

More technically, the project consists of modifications to the inspircd IRC daemon to support location-awareness services, and a client for Google's Android OS platform which supports location based channel matching.

It is under MPL licence.

Download - 74 KB

XLive XLive

It is a chating application withs friend using different protocols (ICQ, GTalk).

More-over it has other features. For eample it can fast and simple reads news via RSS. Also it can sending and reading e-mails (support IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocol, SSL support too).

Program has an intuitive interface.

Download from producer site.


An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client made specifically for the new Android operating system for mobile devices. We are currently looking for developers that are willing to contribute to the project.

This app is under GPL 3 licence.

Producer site


It's a library complete with a sample application to start a client messaging using Yahoo! Messenger protocol version 15 (YMSG15).

Some features: offline message, custom status, conference (create, join), Callback Activity.

Producer site